Will I have to pay for my college classes?

    No. Kanawha County Schools pays for the college classes including all lab fees.

Will I have to pay for my college textbooks?

    No. Kanawha County Schools pays for your text books. However, while students are welcomed and encouraged to make maximum use of their college texts by highlighting important information and writing notes in the margins, books are reused from semester to semester. Students are required to pay for any college texts not returned at the end of the semester.

Am I responsible for any fees or costs?

    Yes. Students are completely responsible for costs associated with their transportation and food.

  • If a student drives to school, he/she is responsible for paying for a West Virginia State University parking pass. 

How is a student admitted to the program?

    The first step is to document that the prospective student meets the basic skills requirements. A composite ACT test score of 18 or better meets this requirement. If the student has not taken the ACT exam, he/she must take the ACCUPLACER administered by WVSU.

    The test results are available the day of testing. Admission to the Collaborative Program will be discussed when results are reviewed.

    *Note- Students who have a history of a criminal conviction within the past two years prior to Collaborative application, will not be considered for placement as per our agreement with WVSU.

What is the attendance policy?

    The University Collaborative School follows West Virginia State University's attendance policy. According to University policy, six absences may result in class failure.

What calendar do we follow?

    The University Collaborative School follows WVSU's academic calendar. Our fall semester runs from mid-August to mid-December. Our spring semester runs from mid-January to mid-May. We are closed on holidays WVSU takes, and our spring break coincides with the University's. We DO NOT follow the Kanawha County School schedule for delays, early outs, holidays, or breaks.

Do I need to have a certain GPA before I can apply to the Collaborative School?

    No. This is a dropout prevention program designed to assist the student in making up credits and finding a path to success. Once admitted, the student must sustain a 2.5+ GPA. Should a student fail to maintain a 'C' average, the student will be placed on probation, and his/her placement in the program will be reevaluated. If, at the end of the probation period, the student has not corrected any problems, he or she may be transferred back to his or her high school.

Are there any restrictions on where Collaborative students may go on campus?

    Yes. Students may take full advantage of the student union, library, open computer labs, etc. However, students are not permitted to attend University social events where alcohol is served, nor are students permitted in any of the college dorms.

FYI-University Collaborative School students are still governed by the Kanawha County Schools' discipline policy.

FYI-While doctor's excuses are accepted by KCS for absences, they are not accepted for University absences. All appointments are to be scheduled so that they do not conflict with any University or Collaborative class.

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