Q&A - March 8-12, 2021

Information and Q&A: March 8-12
Posted on 02/05/2021

Statement and Q&A on March 8-12, 2021

Kanawha County school days on March 8-12 are currently scheduled as non-traditional instruction days where students and teachers would work remotely. Per direction by the WVDE this week, Kanawha is no longer permitted to utilize non-traditional instruction days. These days will move from remote instruction to regular instructional days. Those students who’ve selected in-person will attend in person March 8-12. 

Our in-person students have been out of school more days than they have been in school this school year and we have seen this negatively affect many students academically, socially and emotionally. In order to best help our students return to a normal routine, it is vital that we meet in person as much as possible. We realize that some may have already scheduled appointments or made plans in good faith and we’ve encouraged all schools to work with individuals. We believe that this decision is doing what is best for our students. A question-and-answer news article will be available on our website soon. Thank you. 

Questions & Answers

What if I have scheduled a medical appointment, procedure, or even vacation for this time that cannot be moved?

Principals have been asked to work with families and staff to the greatest extent possible. These days have always been instructional days and will continue as instructional days. If you have a question about leave or absences March 8-12, please contact your supervisor (if employee) or school (if a guardian). 

Why can we be remote for a weather-related closure or a COVID-related closure, but not for this week?

Remote instruction is being allowed for situations out of our control like in the cases of weather and COVID. Remote instruction is not being allowed for situations where we’re able to be in school in-person but simply choose not to. 

Were there other options for what Kanawha could do?

The only other option available would be for us take true days off that week and place those days on the calendar at the end of the year, which would take the last day of school to June 7. Given the robust holiday break and extended remote learning in January, we felt it best for students to continue in-person learning in March. 

Why are other districts able to still have days off this Spring?

Every individual county’s calendar is different and many other counties who have also scheduled non-traditional instruction days in the Spring may have the ability to use other types of days off. Kanawha exhausted our OSE (outside school environment) days for fall holiday breaks so that our students and families could enjoy a longer break and we do not have similar options available. 

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