Kanawha County Schools News

Mike Artell, Award-Winning Author, Illustrator, Musician and Professional Speaker, at Holz Elementary, Wednesday, Nov 18th

Kanawha County Schools is proud to host Mike Artell, an award-winning author, illustrator, musician and professional speaker, at Holz Elementary, Wednesday, November 18th at 8:30 AM. He will be coming to Holz Elementary School to engage children in books, the writing process, motivational speaking, and cartooning. He will give each student a mini-lesson on how to be a cartoonist.

Understanding Special Education Course Nov. 30

This introductory course covers the IEP (Individual Education Program) process, rights and responsibilities of parents and educators before, during and after the meetings, conflict resolution and legal aspects of an IEP.

No Changes to Head Lice Policy

To clear up some recent confusion, there have been no changes to KCS head lice policy. Students with live lice will be sent home and must be treated before returning to school.

My Kid Has an iPad! Now What? iPad Training October 5th

Find out how iPads and technology are improving your child’s education, how iPads are being integrated into the classrooms and how you can keep your child safe while they are online at home.

Cedar Grove Middle School Welcomes Workcamps Volunteers

Cedar Grove Middle School welcomed over 250 volunteers from Workcamps over the summer. The volunteers came from all across the nation to offer free home repairs to families in the surrounding Cedar Grove community.

Summer Learning Guide - Apps, Games, and Websites for Summer Learning

Whether your kids' summer days are jam-packed with activities or left wide open for leisurely exploration -- or something in between -- chances are some of those days will involve a smartphone, tablet, or other device. Now more than ever, you can use these powerful tools to enhance the activities that kids are already doing -- or to help create brand-new experiences.