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Questions related to Tuesday, Sept. 8

How do I log on to Schoology?

Please find information on how to log on and setup various Schoology features at: Walk through videos are included! 

In addition, we’ve provided helpful reminders about Home Access, technology department contact information, and more.

What if I don’t have WiFi at home?

Some families may qualify for the Altice Advantage $14.99/mo plan. More information is available at Call 844-358-3147 to see if you qualify. 

There are also many free WiFi locations available where you can go to either complete and/or download Schoology assignments. Free WiFi can be accessed in our school parking lots, at your local public library location or at one of the new Kids Connect locations as listed here:  

What if I don’t have an iPad?

iPads are being distributed based on grade level. Please see information from your school for specifics. Here is general information, but please go with what you hear from your school: 

K-2 Virtual: Deployed from Central Office. Please see information from the Virtual Program or contact them.

K-2 In-person/eLearning:  Only students that do not have a device at home will be provided one from the school unless the school is 1:1. iPads will be handed out by the school.

3-5 In-person, Virtual, and eLearning: ALL students 3-5 including Virtual will get iPads from the school. They are all there and ready to go.

6-8 ALL:  If your student doesn’t have an iPad or is a new KCS enrollee, please call the Board Office at 304-348-7770.  Students who have their iPad from last year who weren’t able to get a new model should keep their current model iPad.

9-12 ALL:  All students in-person, virtual and eLearning will come from the school and the school techs will work with them. Only those without a device will be given one at this time. No exchanges will occur until further notice. (SCHS students are the exception and should call the Board Office at 304-348-7770 if they do not have a device).  

What if I signed up for in person for a reason and can’t get my student online at certain times?

We understand that those parents who selected in person did so for a reason. We simply ask parents and students to do their best to log in to Schoology daily. Our teachers care about each student’s learning and they will do their very best to accommodate all.

How do I get a meal if we’re in the orange?

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, a breakfast and lunch will be distributed via bus delivery to students’ normal bus stop. Deliveries will begin at 11 a.m. along normal bus routes. Your bus garage may be able to give a more exact stop time. Those numbers can be found on our website by selecting District, then Department, then Bus Terminals:

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, a three-day box of breakfast and lunch to cover Wednesday through Friday will be distributed via bus delivery to your normal bus stop. Deliveries will begin at 11 a.m. along normal bus routes.   

This is available to ALL KCS students, no matter whether you selected in person, KCS Schoology eLearning or Virtual Program. Please have patience with our drivers and bus terminals for the first couple of deliveries.

Additional Questions

 When I select an enrollment option for Fall 2020, why am I locked into a full semester?

This must be done due to the planning needs of each school. We will need to be able to staff appropriately for the students who will be in our buildings this Fall and for those who will be attending via KCS eElearning or virtual. We will send out further instructions should our situation change OR when it is time to enroll for the Spring semester. We ask that parents review all materials so that they are sure that they’re making the best decision for each student. Please note that due to the revised calendar, the end of the semester is January 15th, 2021. 

Can students in different grade levels be enrolled in different options?

Yes. A family may have a 1st grader enrolled in-person and a 9th grader enrolled in one of our virtual options, or vice versa.

What is the deadline for registering for Fall 2020 enrollment?

We are asking parents and guardians to complete the form by August 11th. This gives schools time to revise schedules and staff appropriately.

Please follow the registration instructions at:

If you are having trouble completing the online enrollment form/s, please e-mail

If you cannot access the online form, please call your school.

What will the process be within a school or within the district when there is a positive COVID case or multiple positive COVID cases?

The WVDE is currently working on a recommended procedure for districts to use. In addition, KCS will meet soon with the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department (KCHD) to discuss a recommended process. 

Will staff reinforce proper hand washing and monitor where appropriate?

Yes, schools will provide instruction and reinforce appropriate hand washing. This will be part of re-entry training for in-person students (and for staff). 

Will there be a limit on the number of students per classroom?

KCS will reduce class sizes as much as possible. This is dependent on the number of students who select each type of learning option at each school. 

How will student medical appointments and related absences be handled in both in person and eLearning?

Outside therapy appointments or medical appointments should be excused just as they have been in the past. Students would need documentation (written excuse) from the provider and turn these in to the secretary or attendance clerk. The parent/guardian could communicate the appointment/activity to the teacher to facilitate communication.  

If the student is not in the building at all, the excuse/documentation should be sent to the classroom teacher via Schoology and then given to the clerk/secretary if possible.

If a child is e-learning, would they be permitted to attend music, violin or other specialty courses at their school or after school? 

After school activities will still be permitted based on the ability of the school to provide them and with parent permission. eLearning students will not be visiting the school during the day for activities. 

If a parent signs up for e-learning, but would prefer to have these documents on paper, will they be provided? 

If a parent signs up for eLearning they are permitted to print and have their child complete assignments. Assignments will need to be submitted digitally over the Schoology Learning Platform. 

Will Third Base be available and will multiple schools be having Third Base in the same location or will it be separated by individual schools?

During in-person days, the Third Base after school program will be available at existing sites. Third Base will only be available to students in Option 1. This is a paid service that requires enrollment. For more information on sites and enrollment, please go to:

Does eLearning have a specific schedule or will they be able to do classwork at their convenience?

Different schools may have different eLearning plans. The typical eLearning school day at the secondary level (middle and high school), generally, will look similar to a normal in-person school day. Students will log in to different classes on their schedule. For elementary, students may do reading with direct instruction for an hour and be given an assignment and then log on later for direct math instruction and be given activities to do. Teachers may have conference times where they meet individually or in small groups on specific skills. 

If the child is attending classes in-person and cases spike, will there be an opportunity for the student to switch to e-learning or virtual learning?

If cases spike in one school, one community or the district, the school or district will close for a period of at least two weeks and all of those in-person students will resort to eLearning automatically. That is why our eLearning program follows the regular class schedule. In the case of a shutdown for safety reasons, students can pivot to eLearning and stay on track with standards and content. 

The KCS Virtual program will not be an option in this situation. 

 Will Pre-K be staggered the same as other grades and/or will there be other differences with Pre-K?

The first day of preschool will be Sept. 9th. They will come on that day only that week.

The next 2 weeks, preschool will participate in the staggered schedule just like K-12. 

Preschool will begin their 4 day preschool schedule with Fridays for planning the week on Sept. 28th.

If class size is too large for social distance, how will these classes be accommodated? 

KCS will reduce class sizes as much as possible. This is dependent on the number of students who select each type of learning option at each school. 

By the beginning of next week, we will have a better idea of how many students will be either eLearning or virtual. Based on community feedback, we believe that the number of students present at a school will be low enough for social distancing. Individual schools are coming up with plans should a class or classes be too large for social distancing. 

Can you do "credit recovery" with e-learning?

This will be dependent on the school’s availability to teach the courses. Speak to your counselor and they will be able to help after school begins. 

Will virtual learning offer honors classes?

Yes, all honors courses are available.  

How does virtual learning for kindergarten work?

It will be similar to the entire Elementary virtual program.  Parents will receive all the tools and support to assist their child with their learning along with a virtual teacher to support them.  Parents should plan to assist their child with their learning at least 15 hours a week. 

Will art, music, choir, etc. be provided on e-learning?

Yes, related arts will be provided through eLearning. At the secondary level, there may be some adjustments made to student schedules depending on the actual numbers that select certain electives. 

Will CTE courses be offered? 

Yes, career and technical courses will be offered. Please call your CTE Center or school for specific information. 



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