Holz Elementary holds fall-themed STEAM day

Holz Elementary recently held a special STEAM day based around fall activities for each grade level. Some of the activities included:

  • Kindergarten: Culmination activity on their study of pumpkins: The students went to Gritt’s Farm, decorated their pumpkins and created a "Spookley the Square Pumpkin" snack
  • 1st grade: Created structures to hold pumpkins and did estimation activities on pumpkin seeds
  • 2nd grade: Researched Johnny Appleseed and created bio books, designed trees using real bark and leaves, and did a stained glass apple craft
  • 3rd grade: Participated in a math escape room called “Unlock the Pumpkin Patch”
  • 4th grade: STEM activity with apples including building a structure to hold an apple
  • 5th grade STEM catapult and bridge building/testing
  • Library: Fiction/non-fiction fall themed reading and leaf color by letter