Mrs. Wriston and Mrs. Farley's 2nd grade students learned about entrepreneurship and small businesses. Students transformed their classroom into North Pole workshops, earning daily "money" based on productivity. After saving their hard-earned money and paying taxes, they will go on a shopping spree to purchase handmade gifts for their families.

In Mrs. Mullins' 3rd grade class, students had an economic lesson using their background knowledge of needs and wants with an emphasis on integrating math and social studies standards. The students had fake credit cards with a specific budget. They visited the "Boisterous Bistro," in which they had a menu to choose what they were going to order according to their budget. Students were then required to formulate a tip amount based on their purchases.

Mrs. Bonnett's 3rd grade class crafted recyclable gingerbread houses, blending holiday cheer, engineering, and literacy. Acting as "Listing Agents," students persuaded "Buyers" from other classrooms to bid on their creations using detailed descriptions in their writing.