Meet Jennifer Lester (Ms. Jennifer), a KCS cook with 15 years of experience, who has been a cherished member of the Grandview Elementary community for 8 years.

Ms. Jennifer followed in her mother's footsteps when she became a school cook. Her love for being around kids inspired her career choice. Ms. Jennifer became a school cook once her own children were older, allowing her to share her talents with KCS students.

Ms. Jennifer loves spoiling her students and always ensures they have everything they need, especially when it comes to a good meal. If a hungry student or a missing snack is spotted, you can count on Ms. Jennifer to come to the rescue.

Mr. Wooten, the Grandview principal, has nothing but praise for Jennifer, saying, "I have a head cook that goes above and beyond in meeting our students' needs. She greets them outside in the mornings, builds relationships with them, and lends a helping hand in the lunchroom, whether it's getting food or opening materials. Jennifer's dedication is unparalleled. I've never seen a cook go above-and-beyond like I see from Ms. Jennifer."