Last year, CHS opened The ROAR Store - a place to purchase school apparel, supplies, and other items. Several pieces of merchandise are created by the CHS multimedia program. Students design and print shirts, keychains, and jewelry onsite.

This year, seniors Janique Chic, Michael Cruz, Keiden Olter and Ally Webb (along with 20+ other students in grades 10-12) help manage the ROAR Store. They’ve learned several important skills that will help them build their resumes, including:

▪️ Using a cash register/point-of-sale system

▪️ Communication

▪️ Sales

▪️ Customer service

▪️ Leadership

▪️ Running a functional and successful business

Any profits from the store are reinvested and used to purchase additional materials for the store, along with supporting student field trips and activities.