St. Albans High

STEM classes at St. Albans High School have been participating in "March Mammal Madness" hosted by Arizona State University. March Mammal Madness is an annual tournament of simulated combat competition among animals. Scientific literature is cited to guess the outcomes as the two species' battle within a chosen environment. Things considered in calculating the battle outcome include temperament, weaponry, armor, body mass, running speed, fight style, physiology, and motivation.

This year, the four mammal categories are Dad Bods, Mighty Stripes, Animal Engineers and Itty Bitty Comeback City. The four random environments are Tropical Rainforest, Sub-tropical Desert, Ephemeral Wetlands, and Ghost Forest.

Each student was assigned a mammal and had to create a research page to display for all participants. After research was completed, students had to fill out their brackets before the tournament began. The winners of each round are announced throughout the month via ASU social media accounts. The tournament is ongoing, with the champion mammal announced on April 5.