It's been "all hands on deck" in the 7th grade science classes at McKinley Middle School this year! Students have participated in a number of fun and educational hands-on activities including:

- Testing the importance of safety goggles by observing chemical splashes on egg whites (pictured)

- Measuring liquid volume to make a rainbow

- Measuring distance and calculating area of object around the classroom

- Measuring mass with a triple-beam-balance

- Studying Newton’s laws with an egg drop challenge

- Measuring temperature hot to cold

- Creating paper plate cell models

- Participating in an escape room all about metric measurement

- Looking at cells under a microscope

- Building a working model of the human hand

- Learning to check heart rate after exercising

- Dissecting frogs

- Testing reaction times using our senses while exploring the nervous system

- Measuring potential energy of falling objects into sand

- Calculating speed of cars down a ramp

- Building a mug to test the best insulators

- Participating in an escape room about Net forces

- Graphing motion after a wheelbarrow race outside

- Studying inertia with dominoes

- Looking at relationships between force, mass, and acceleration by hitting a ball across the floor

- Creating balloon rockets to study action/reaction forces