Emily Asbury is a 2019 graduate of Sissonville High School. She also attended Bonham Elementary and Sissonivlle Middle School. Emily currently attends WV State University where she is pursuing a major in Fine Arts with a focus in Graphic Design.

When asked about her professional accomplishments, Emily said “After graduating from high school I went to WVSU where I am currently a senior art student. This year I had the opportunity to curate, design, install, and advertise a show for the Juliet Art Museum in the Clay Center. The show was titled Chroma Chronology and dealt with the role that vivid colors play in different concepts of perception. I also became a mother to the sweetest little girl!”

When asked how KCS prepared her for life after graduation, Emily said “I had a really great art teacher named Mrs. Conley who went above and beyond to provide me with different avenues to explore art. I was in art club, and we got to do a ton of murals. I also had the amazing opportunity to go to Italy on a school trip!”

Emily also has some advice for current students, “Take your schoolwork seriously, but do not be afraid to have fun and relax every once in a while. Your teachers want what’s best for you so be sure to show them respect.” She continued, “Attendance is important because NOTHING beats in-person learning. The environment of a class should be inviting and a place for open discussion on educational topics. It’s much harder to have open discussion of no one shows up.”

Emily finished by saying “I just want to say thank you to all the great teachers that kept pushing me to do better! A lot of people underestimate themselves so it’s good to be motivated from our teachers and peers. I loved my graduating class!”


Crissy Cantley is a 1998 graduate of Sissonville High School. She also attended Flinn Elementary and Sissonville Middle School. Crissy holds a bachelor’s degree in Secondary English Education from WVSU and a master’s degree in Learning Ed and Technology from WGU. She currently works as the Graduation Coach at South Charleston High School.

When asked about her professional accomplishments, Crissy said “I had my daughters right out of high school. Being a young, single mother, I knew college would not be an option for me because I had to provide for my children. The years went by, and the idea of continuing my education seemed to grow further out of reach. That is, until I met my current husband. After a year of staying home with our infant son, he convinced me that going back to school was not out of reach and now was my time.”

She continued, “At 31 years old, I became a college freshman. Was it scary? Absolutely! But it was also the most rewarding experience. During my college career, I was a Dean's List student, President of the WVSU Educational Honor Society, and named one of 12 most distinguished chapter officers internationally. Now, I'm in a position I love - working with the students in my community. Seeing the look of accomplishment on their faces when they receive their diplomas is a feeling like no other. I am so thankful to be a part of the KCS family!”

When asked how KCS prepared her for life after graduation, Crissy said “The teachers and staff at Sissonville High School were one in a million! They were there for the betterment of their students and the community. I always felt supported and valued when I was at school. They taught me that hard work, and dedication are the framework for success. It's the love they showed for their students and their content that made me want to become a teacher.”

Crissy also has some advice for current students, “Be present, learn from your mistakes, and never be afraid to strive for your goals! Is it always going to be easy? Of course not! But things that are truly worth it require dedication and personal drive to persevere and succeed. Always believe in yourself and your capabilities. Your teachers are there for you, and truly care about your achievements!”She continued, “In order to be fortuitous, you must be present. Quality learning opportunities are often missed when you are absent. Being present at school shows you're accountable for yourself, and you have a desire to be successful in your educational endeavors.”

Crissy finished by saying, “There is no timetable when it comes to striving for your goals. I am living proof of that. Set your plan into motion and hold on for the ride. It will all be worth it!”


Allie Edens is a 2022 graduate of Sissonville High School. She also attended Sissonville Elementary and Sissonville Middle. After graduation, Allie began attending the Cosmetology program at Carver Career and Technical Education Center.

When asked about her professional accomplishments, Allie said “Since graduating from Sissonville High School, I am now attending Carver Career and Technical Center for Cosmetology. I am learning and accomplishing my dream to become a Cosmetologist. I competed in a nail tech competition and received 2nd place!”

When asked how KCS prepared her for life after graduation, Allie said “Kanawha County Schools prepared me for life after graduation by setting me up to succeed in my future jobs and life. I believe that KCS has prepared me to be friendly and courteous to each person I meet.”

Allie also has some advice for current students, “My advice to current students is to always follow your dreams, even if your friend isn’t doing the same. Always be patient with anything school focused - homework, a project, anything. Always give yourself the credit you deserve.” She continued, “Good attendance is important to student success because if you are not attending then you may miss something that could change your life. Good attendance helps you better yourself for the future. By getting yourself in the routine of waking up and being present helps you for the job or career you decide to peruse in the late future.”

Allie finished by saying, “KCS and the Sissonville community have changed my ways of thinking and has changed my personality so much. As a little girl, I was always shy and quiet. As the years went on at Sissonville and at KCS schools, I grew to become a talkative and confident human being. Thank you, KCS, for setting me up for greatness!”



Jon Litton is at 1994 graduate of Sissonville High School. After graduation he started his postal career and currently works as a Senior Manager of Post Office Operations for the US Postal Service.

When asked about his professional accomplishments, Jon said “I started my postal career after year of college and moved up the ranks step-by-step. I am currently the highest-ranking customer service manager in WV. I was previously a Saint Albans Postmaster and Postmaster of Charleston. Additionally, I currently operate a successful youth travel baseball organization, Tomahawks Baseball Club, which ended the 2022 season ranked 7th in nation for their age and classification. We provide opportunities for 33 kids to play baseball all over the east coast.”

When asked about how KCS prepared him for life after graduation, Jon said “It taught me the value of hard work and taking ownership of your actions, good or bad.”

Jon also has some advice for current students, “Set goals and put in the work to attain those goals. Everyone wants to be successful. Only those that put in the work attain it.” He added, “I see every day the impacts of poor attendance with employees. I also see that employees with bad attendance tend to be less successful employees. The expectation to be regular in attendance must begin in the formidable years.”

Jon finished by saying, “I am very proud to be a Sissonville graduate. My wife (also a Sissonville graduate) and I have a daughter at Sissonville High and a son at Sissonville Middle. We are very involved with school activities.”


Bradon Young is a 2000 graduate of Sissonville High School. After graduation, he attended West Virginia University and received a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Bradon currently works as an Account Executive for Travelers Insurance.

When asked about his professional accomplishments, Bradon said “I am a 2000 graduate of Sissonville High School, where we excelled in baseball and won the 2000 American Legion State Championship. I went on to WVU where I graduated with a degree in Biology in 2004. After graduating, I remained in Morgantown and opted into the insurance field, where I remain 18 years later. I began my insurance career in 2004. My background includes starting in insurance sales and moving on to a sales leadership role in Morgantown at the age of 23 for AIG.”

He continued, “After moving back to the Charleston area in 2008, I moved on to Nationwide Insurance where I continued my leadership training and handling auto liability claims. In late 2011, Nationwide announced they were closing all local claims offices. I did not want to relocate from WV, thus I was extremely fortunate to find a Liability Claims position with Travelers Insurance. I have been with Travelers since 2012. I have held multiple roles, from GL Claims Adjuster to GL Management where I had direct reports in WV, PA and MD. Our team handled commercial and public sector claims throughout WV and the Mid-Atlantic.

“I transitioned from Claim Leadership to an underwriting position on the business side in 2018. I am currently an Account Executive with Travelers Insurance in our Charleston, WV office where I underwrite large commercial accounts. With Travelers, I have completed the leadership development program and claim leadership foundations. I have also been a part of the Customer Experience Council and Emergency Response Team. I play an active role in the local office Employee Engagement Committee where I help organize office events to build morale.

“Outside of work, I love to spend time with my family, coach little league baseball, Tomahawks Travel Baseball, and youth basketball teams. I am currently the President of Sissonville Little League Baseball.”

When asked how KCS prepared him for life after graduation, Bradon said “KCS prepared me for the curriculum part of college and provided a structured plan to help me achieve my goal of attending WVU and becoming the first college graduate in my family. I also maintain lifelong friendships with former KCS students.”

Bradon also has some advice for current students, “Find something you are passionate about and go for it. Do not let others tell you that you can’t achieve a goal. If you stay the course and keep negativity at bay, you will achieve success. Get up early, be first and enjoy every moment that you have with your loved ones.”

He continued, “Attendance is key in better academic performance, more work options, and greater opportunities for higher education. I believe it has a direct effect on earning potential. Not attending is the easy way out. It is best to take life and challenges head on. Be there and be seen. It makes a difference.”