South Charleston High School

South Charleston High School IB Program

The South Charleston High School International Baccalaureate (IB) program focuses on college preparation for students. Several IB classes are offered at SCHS in a variety of subjects including physics, chemistry, english, and history. Most classes are taken over two years (11-12 grade) and involve core classes, a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class, and a Creative Action Service (CAS action project).

IB students are also exposed to several hands-on learning experiences including:

  • IB Physics, IB Sports and IB Biology traveled to Morris Creek to work with WVU Tech. Each year students take data that is used to study the mining reclamation efforts in the area.
  • IB Biology students worked with a professor from WVU Tech. They completed comparative anatomy of dinosaurs based on the dinosaur skeletal measurements from a dinosaur that the professor and his colleagues discovered in South America.
  • IB Physics Seniors spent two nights at the Greenbank Observatory collecting data and analyzing data of galactic hydrogen sources.
  • IB English, IB History, and IB Art took a trip to the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences to tour the Van Gogh exhibit.
  • IB History and IB English partnered with the Kanawha County Public Library to learn about effective research methods.