Nitro Elementary Wildcat Wellness

PE Teacher Katie Tadlock started a program called "Wildcat Wellness" to give students an extra chance to focus on their physical and mental health. Check out the video to learn more about the program and how it's helping students every week.

Wildcat Wellness Video

Nitro Elementary "Student of the Quarter"


Throughout the year, the school recognizes "Students of the Quarter" for being organized and prepared. Students receive a certificate, medal and yard signs, which are displayed outside the school.


Nitro Elementary "Calm Down Room"

Calm Down Room

Nitro Elementary was able to create a "Calm Down Room" for students by using grant funds from the West Virginia Expanded School Mental Health Program. The space features several tangible items to help students calm down and refocus.
School staff members have seen several benefits since the room was introduced, including a more positive school climate, better focus from students, and positive peer-to-peer interaction. They have also seen coping skills, friendship building and conflict resolution improve, even outside the calm down room.