Plan Options - Overviews

Plan Options - Overall

Re-Entry Grid 

Option 1 - In Person*

5 day In Person

Standard school day while following any and all recommendations from the WVDE, CDC and Kanawha-Charleston Health Department. (Please read entire plan for specific details.)

We provide overall requirements and recommendations. Individual schools may also create additional procedures to keep students and staff safe.

During in person days, the Third Base after school program will be available at existing sites. Third Base will only be available to students in Option 1. This is a paid service that requires enrollment. For more information on sites and enrollment, please go to:

Students will benefit from teacher led face to face instruction.

Students will benefit from peer socialization.

Students will have onsite access to regular school services such as counseling, health services, meals, etc.

Once Kanawha County is able to return to in person learning, the schedule will be blended for the FIRST TWO WEEKS from the point of turning Gold/Yellow/Green.

Students will attend two days per week based on where their last name falls in the alphabet. This is done to keep sibling groups together. The other three days they will use KCSchoology eLearning.

For the first two weeks, the schedule will be: 

Students with last names A-L, attend in person Monday and Tuesday only, with eLearning Wednesday through Friday. 

Students with last names M-Z, attend in person Thursday and Friday only, with eLearning Monday through Wednesday. 

Wednesday will be a cleaning day with teachers delivering content via eLearning in the building. 

If sibling groups have different last names and you'd like to arrange for them to attend on the same days, please contact the school directly. 

*When choosing option 1 you are committing to that enrollment choice for a full semester.  This would only change should the Governor declare school closures.

Plan Options 2 & 3 – eLearning vs. virtual

KCSchoology – eLearning (Option 2)

KCS Virtual Program (Option 3)

Students will learn via a county-issued iPad using the KCS Schoology learning management system, in a class developed and taught by a KCS teacher.

Students will learn via a county-issued iPad using the WV Virtual Program platform. Courses are developed by KCS teachers or leased from Florida Virtual School. Teacher may be a KCS teacher or WV Virtual teacher.

This option will be similar to a normal school day in structure. Activity expected daily with regular due dates. Pacing matches in-person class.

This program is self-paced. There is no mandatory log in time. Student can work ahead.

Taught by a KCS teacher, in many cases from their home school. Teacher support will only be available during the school day.

KCS Virtual staff, teacher and/or tutor available at various times. Student will not be taught by a teacher physically in their home school.

District-issued iPad grades 3-12.

Possible iPad in K-2/personal device.

Access to internet required.

District-issued iPad K-12.

Access to internet required.

Parent support required.

Parent support required.

*If traditional students are doing remote learning due to school or district closure, it will follow KCSchoology eLearning.

*If KCS utilizes a blended in-person/eLearning model, it will follow KCSchoology eLearning.

**When choosing option 2 or 3 you are committing to that enrollment choice for a full semester.

KCSchoology eLearning 

The KCSchoology eLearning option was created to give parents and students an option to stay connected with their community school while learning from home.  This option will mimic the traditional school day from home.

What to expect from the KCSchoology eLearning program:

Students remain enrolled in their local school.  They will stay connected with their teachers who in most cases they would have had in the in-person school attendance.  They will follow a traditional school schedule as if they are in school face to face.  All courses will be KCS teacher led and will be completed during the school day.


Daily attendance is required via Schoology.  Students will log in and follow a traditional schedule as if they are at school.

Elementary: Students will be provided a schedule of instructional time by the teacher for different subject areas. Attending those sessions daily is a requirement of the program.
Middle and High School:  Students will attend each course through Schoology following the schedule provided to them by the school just as if they were in the school building.


The teacher of the KCSchoology program will be a Kanawha County School teacher.  In most cases, it will be a teacher from the child’s home school that they traditionally attend. It may be a KCS teacher from another school if demand in the student’s school is too high or low to justify a full class.


The courses will be similarly paced and cover the same material that is being taught face to face in the traditional classroom environment.  The course and instruction will meet all WVDE state standards for coursework just as the in-person school option.


Parents will need to be involved and engaged in the eLearning experience, especially at the elementary level.  Parents will receive a code to join Schoology and will be able to access all instructional materials, communications, assignments, and grades.  This will also be the main communication tool between parents and the child’s teacher.


Students who enroll in the KCSchoology eLearning program will fill out the beginning of the year forms during the parent selection process and choose the KCSchoology eLearning option.  The school will then schedule the student appropriately in the eLearning courses.

Internet Access:

Parents who enroll their child in this program must confirm that internet access is available for your child during the day as daily attendance during the school day is required.  Students K-2 also need access to a device.

Electronic Device:

Students in grades 3-12 will be provided a Kanawha County Schools iPad.

Students in grades K-2 will need to have their own device. In some cases, Kanawha County Schools may be able to provide an iPad but it is not guaranteed at this time.


School/teacher/learning support will remain the same as in a traditional classroom setting as much as possible from an eLearning setting.

Technology support will be available by emailing or calling 304-348-6116.


Students are still enrolled in their local home school and therefore qualify for all services that a traditional in-person student would receive. Services include but are not limited to health service guidance, counseling, social work services, etc.


Eligibility for sports and extra-curricular activities remain the same as the traditional student.  All core courses are NCAA approved for the 2020-2021 school year only.


A meal pick-up option will be provided for students enrolling in the KCSchoology eLearning program.

KCS Virtual Program

The Virtual program is different from KCSchoology eLearning in the following ways:

Students do not have a mandatory log-in time to access their courses.
Students do not have specific due dates, but they do have to complete the course by the end of the semester.
Student does not have the teacher they would have had at the school they are enrolled in.
There are no time requirements.
Students work at their own pace and take breaks whenever needed
Students can work ahead and finish the course early.
Students can add courses at any time.
The learning platform is not the same as Schoology.
K-2 will be provided a device.

eLearning and the KCS Virtual Program both allow students to stay enrolled at their school and participate in activities, clubs, and sports while not physically attending their school for classes. 

Please visit our website at for more information and details.

Governor Orders Special Situations – PreK-12*

Governor orders – Safer at Home

All students are eLearning through Schoology and teachers work from school. Virtual students continue in their program.

Governor orders – Stay at Home

All students and teachers work remotely at home.  All students follow our eLearning through Schoology and teachers work from home. Virtual students continue in their program.

Governor orders or Health Official orders certain schools or classes stay home

Those students are eLearning and teachers work from school.

Governor orders reduced school population for social distancing (blended plan)

Students attend two school days a week for instruction; the other days, they utilize eLearning during school hours. Teachers work from school.

*During ANY of these situations, teachers will take attendance and grade all assignments and tests.  Grades will be recorded and used for final grade in the course. 

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