2018 Excess Levy

We want to wholeheartedly thank Kanawha County voters for passing the excess levy and voting to invest in our schools and our communities!

The passage means updated HVAC systems, fixed roofs, increased safety and security, and turf across the district. The excess levy funding will begin with our FY 2020 budget, beginning in July 2019. We look forward to charting a road map for projects in the coming months and will keep everyone updated on progress.

The excess levy passed by Kanawha County voters for school years beginning 2019-2023 includes the following priorities (numbers provided are for first year):

  • $39,584,000 for professional, service and substitute wages, including specific funds for custodians, counselors and art teachers.
  • $18,577,687 for HVAC improvements at 15 schools with the greatest need.
  • $4,869,807 for roofing projects.
  • $239,994 for safety & security improvements across the district.
  • and, $1,648,512 for athletic turf installation at 7 of 8 high schools.

Even though excess levy funding will not be available until July 2019, staff has already begun planning for initial projects. 

First Projects/Timeline (Year One)

HVAC improvements

  • Capital High School - the contract for the new Capital HS HVAC system and roof was awarded to Dougherty Company, Inc. on Feb. 21st, 2020. Work will begin in March/April with the HVAC work being done in phases, to disrupt the school as little as possible. The project may take 18 months due to the size of the school and scope of the project.
  • George Washington High School - ancticipated to go out to bid in March 2020. The project, once started, is anticipated to take one year to complete.
  • Alum Creek Elementary - project accepted by SBA - anticipated start Spring/Summer of 2020. 

Roofing Projects

  • Capital High School - project movement will start in at the same time as the HVAC project and run concurrently with the HVAC repairs. 
  • KCS will receive bids for roof replacement work for Montrose Elementary, Belle Elementary & Pinch Elementary at the end of February 2020. 

Athletic Turf Installation

  • Sissonville High School - project completed September 2019.
  • Riverside High School - project completed September 2019.
  • George Washinton Hight School - project to begin Spring 2020 and be completed in August.
  • Nitro High School - project to begin Spring 2020 and be completed in August.
  • South Charleston High School - project to begin Spring 2020 and be completed in August.
  • St. Albans High School - project to begin Spring 2020 and be completed in August.
  • Capital High School - project to begin Spring 2020 and be completed in August.
  • Herbert Hoover High School - project will be completed during the construction of the new school.

Safety & Security

  • KCS will begin installation of new door hardware/security locks in 17 schools across the district. Installation will begin in March 2020. 

If you have any specific questions, please e-mail levy@mail.kana.k12.wv.us. Thank you.