Health Services

Dental Health Services

Kanawha County Dental Health Council employs four Registered Dental Hygienists who work in the schools as Oral Health Educators. These professionals provide dental inspections and oral health education to Kanawha County Schools students. They also work closely with school nurses to take care of student tooth aches and dental emergencies.

Guidelines for Deciding Whether or Not to Send a Child to School When There is a Question of Illness

Parents may find this check list helpful in deciding whether or not to send a child to school when there is a question of illness.

Guidelines for Managing Students with Food Allergies

Schools are public buildings and cannot be allergen free. These guidelines are to be followed to provide a safe learning environment for students with severe food allergies.

Immunizations Needed for School Entry

Immunizations required by West Virginia state law for entry into Kanawha County Schools.

Infectious Disease Procedures

Guidelines for managing students with an infectious disease. These guidelines are at the discretion of the professional school nurse.

Pediculosis (Head Lice) Screening Procedures

Kanawha County Schools Health Services, in cooperation with Kanawha Charleston Health Department, and in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses, has determined that "no-nit" policies are ineffective in controlling outbreaks of head lice. Therefore, students found to have nits, after being treated for head lice, will no longer be excluded from the classroom. Students with infestations of live lice will be sent home and must be treated before returning to the classroom.