KCS Announces 2020 Principal of the Year

  • News
  • Briana Warner
  • 4/28/2020

Congratulations to Mrs. Amanda Mays of Edgewood Elementary, our 2020 KCS Principal of the Year!

Mrs. Mays has been employed by Kanawha County Schools for 18 years.  She was an elementary teacher for 10 years and has currently served as an elementary school principal for the past eight years, first at Belle Elementary and now at Edgewood Elementary. In 2010, while a teacher at J.E. Robins Elementary, Mays won the Milken Educator Award.

Amanda has been described by her colleagues as “…the most professional principal I have ever met, while also being the most personable” and describing her as “warm and welcoming” to all students and staff.

According to colleagues who nominated Mrs. Mays for Principal of the Year, Amanda shows up at work every morning with a smile, ready to greet all students by name.

“She is ALWAYS thinking of how Edgewood can take the next step to be better. There are constant improvements school wide, and teachers always follow her lead in school improvements. She truly is the epitome of a principal!

“She can handle any situation without issue, and forms appropriate, professional relationships with students’ parents. Not only does she come across as hard-working, but she truly is.  Amanda Mays is not just a good leader; she is an outstanding leader.  Amanda possesses a skill set that allows her to maintain her “command central” abilities while becoming a “boots on the ground” principal as she works side by side with her staff to implement the plan for educating our students.  It was her “boots on the ground” that kept her staff, reassured and encouraged as they worked to achieve the goals set before them.

“Mrs. Mays is one of a kind! She is willing to work right along beside her kitchen staff by coming out at 5 am to help pack lunches for students who are in need. She not only guides, teaches and makes decisions for the children at Edgewood Elementary, she genuinely cares about each and every one of them.”

Amanda Mays