Online Out-Of-Area Transfer Request/Kindergarten Enrollment Information

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  • Briana Warner
  • 4/27/2020
If you need to complete an out-of-area transfer request for your student/s, mark your calendar for one week from today - Monday, May 4th, 2020. On Monday, May 4 at 9 AM the online out-of-area transfer form will open for completion. The forms are not available now, but on May 4th at 9 a.m. they will be available at At that time, you can follow a link to your desired form, no sign in required. If you're on the KCS site, you can reach the enrollment site by clicking "Beginning of the Year Forms" on the right hand side of the front page under "Resources”. There are images to direct you in a related article on our KCS website.

The forms will be date and time stamped once the form is returned electronically after 9 a.m. next Monday. The forms will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. Acceptance or denial of requests will not occur until mid July. All kindergarten out-of-area requests will be accepted or denied after the first day of school.

If you need to complete kindergarten registration, those forms will also be available through the same link on Monday, May 4th. Information needed to enroll will be available on our website at that time. Parents will, again, not need to sign in to the site to submit the forms.
Below are images showing the enrollment page where the online forms will be available for completion and how to get there from our homepage.