Phil Calvert of Carver Career Center Named 2017-2018 Principal of the Year

During the regular board meeting of Kanawha County Schools on May 10, 2018, Phil Calvert was named the 2017-2018 KCS Principal of the Year.

Phil Calvert has been a teacher, assistant principal, and principal in Kanawha County Schools for 33 years. He is currently the principal at Carver Career & Technical Education Center, where he has worked tirelessly to develop new programs and career pathways for many high school students. Because his school serves students from four Kanawha Co. high schools, he has to work hand in hand with high school principals, district staff, state, and federal organizations, and has been very successful, to schedule and balance effective programs for students attending Carver CTE Center.  

Mr. Calvert is married to Barbara Calvert, teacher at Elkview Middle School, and they have two children. 

Phil Calvert Award