Flood-Affected School Update

  • News
  • Briana Warner
  • 10/31/2017

Flood-Affected School Update

New school updates – new Herbert Hoover High School & new school to replace Clendenin Elementary

Contracts have been signed for Construction Management, Environmental and Geo-technical consultants for both new schools. Architectural/Engineering firms have been contracted for the elementary school. Final negotiations are ongoing for the Architectural/Engineering for the high school. Educational Specifications are complete for both schools as are Programming of Spaces. Phase One Environmental studies are complete at the high school site. Preliminary site design is complete for the high school. The elementary site contains a gas line so meetings are ongoing with the owners to determine safe measures and set back requirements. The elementary site access has a number of issues which are being addressed, which has the design slightly behind that of the high school. FEMA and the state review each step which slows the process. 

KCS has requested the SBA modify their policy to allow FEMA and state funding to be used to purchase the new sites. We are working with all agencies and consultants to move the project forward as much as possible without funding.  

Currently the schedule indicates the elementary will be complete in late 2020 and the high school in mid-2021, however funding delays could cause construction delays. 

Hoover demolition project

FEMA has conducted meetings with Clendenin stakeholders to provide guidance on mitigating the effects of losing their school and the cultural impact it leaves under their section 106 program. As a result, an MOU has been adopted by all parties which requires the property to be developed as a memorial park including walking trails, plaques, a mural, and more, once the school is demolished. Several architectural elements such as the limestone entrance will be preserved and incorporated into the park.