Kanawha County Schools Announces Kindergarten Roundups

  • News
  • Briana Warner
  • 3/3/2017

2017 Kindergarten Roundup Schedule

Parents can soon begin enrolling their children in kindergarten at “roundup” events scheduled across the county. The first kindergarten roundup is on March 24, 2017, and roundups go through April 25, 2017. Times for each event vary. A full schedule is available on the Kanawha County Schools website here. Children are welcome at the enrollment roundups.

“Kindergarten roundups are an efficient way to handle all aspects of enrollment and we encourage all parents not to wait – get your child enrolled as soon as possible,” said Jane Roberts, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education.

Kanawha County students must be five-years-old by September 1st, 2017, in order to be enrolled in kindergarten. Parents are reminded that they should go to the kindergarten roundup for their ‘home school.’ If you don’t know your home school you can call the Elementary Education Office 304-348-1345 or put your address into our WebQuery system online.

The following documents are needed for a complete kindergarten enrollment application:

  • state certified birth certificate
  • current immunization record
  • current physical exam/well-child check
  • current dental exam