West Virginia School Report Cards: A-F Accountability System

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  • Kanawha County Schools
  • 11/16/2016

Parents and Community Members,


The State of West Virginia has developed a new accountability system for schools. It is called the A-F Accountability System. To help parents and community members better understand the system and to look-up your school’s letter grade, you can click on this link (A-F Accountability System) for more information.


In this West Virginia A-F Accountability System, you will see an overview of how school letter grades are assigned and calculated.  This information is to help assist schools with improving their academic performance. The process has not been designed to punish schools with low letter grades, but rather to encourage them to grow for the benefit of the students.


The system has been implemented by the West Virginia Board of Education to help our students achieve at higher levels so they can graduate College and Career Ready.  So as parents and community members view these grades, they need to know there are many other successful endeavors happening as their local school. However, as a school system, we have a process in place to work with all our schools to improve their academic performance. By the local school and community working together, all students can achieve and all schools can improve their academic performance.



Ron Duerring, Ed.D