August 3 Teacher Professional Development

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  • Zachary Hanshaw
  • 8/1/2016

NOTE:  AUGUST 2 – Science Teachers will meet at Nitro High School (as per agreement with Rosie Rhodes) Science teachers will then work in their classrooms the morning of August 3.




Aug. 3, 2016 CE Day

  1. Morning Staff Development Day (8:00-11:00)
  2. Afternoon Staff Meetings in Schools as arranged by principals.


  1. Pre K (Teachers Only) – 8:00 -11:00 a.m. Raglin Community Center

Contact:  Vicky Brown


  1. Special Ed K-12 Special Education: Training 8:00:11:00 a.m. Locations TBA for:
  • Elementary Resource and BD teachers
  • Secondary ID, Autism, BD and Math Resource Teachers (only resource teachers who teach math in a pull out setting; not for those special education teachers only in a co-teaching setting) 

Secondary Special Education: SRA Reading Labs 2.0 Recorded webinar to be viewed at teacher's convenience between August 3rd and 5th.  Directions, usernames and passwords will be sent to teachers who will be utilizing the program (Secondary ID, AU, BD and Resource).

Contact:  Megan McCorkle & Kim Wentz


  1. Supplemental Math (HS/MS) Webinar in Home Schools

Contact:  Kristen Oxley if you have not received details.


  1. Fine Arts- See below. Contact: Mark Davis


General art K-5 - Elk Elementary Center (art room), 9am-noon. For specific questions about the Elk location, please contact Chet Lowther


General and studio art 6-12 - Sissonville Middle School (art room), 9am-noon.


General music K-8 - Sissonville Middle School (choir room), 9am-noon.


Vocal music 6-12 - Sissonville Middle School (chorus room), 1pm-3pm. 


You will need to bring your ipad and Macbook. Headphones are recommended for the Quaver session. Registration for the morning sessions will begin at 8:30am to allow plenty of time to connect to the network, etc. We will have KCS technology department representatives stopping by each session for support.


  1. Foreign Language Teachers – GWHS 8:00- 11:00

Contact:  Vicky Carney, Lead Teacher


  1. School CPI Teams – Arrange a time to meet in your home schools for annual refresher.


  1. ESL Teachers – Meet at Dunbar ESL Office 8:00-3:00

Contact:  Kathy Brown


  1. Beginning Teacher Academic Coaches – Meet at Edison Staff Development Center

Contact:  Elaine Gayton 8:30-3:30


  1. All others, report to your home school at your regular start time on August 3.


AUGUST 4, 2016 – Prep Day for Teachers (Collaboration & Planning)

*AUGUST 5, 2016 - Prep Day for Teachers (Collaboration & Planning)

*Two hours should be scheduled for Faculty Senate Meetings on August 5, as well.


AUGUST 8, 2016 – First Day of School for Students.


AUGUST 19, 2016 – Additional Early Dismissal Day Scheduled for ALICE training.

Contact:  Keith Vititoe