Update - Capital High School Air-Conditioner

  • News
  • Zachary Hanshaw
  • 6/30/2016

Update concerning Capital High School Air Conditioner. We have had several questions and concerns regarding the air conditioning situation and its impact.

Capital High School was designated as a center hub for flooding victims these past days to help the families of this devastating event. We have received help from FEMA, RedCross, staff members, and volunteers. We are extremely thankful for their support.

The repair of the air conditioner was being worked on before the flooding had occurred. $8000 dollars worth of parts had to be ordered and replaced to get the air conditioner back to working full capacity. We, as well as the state of WV, didn't expect this massive flooding nor did we have an idea that Capital High School would be used as a center hub before the flooding took place.

The air conditioner at Capital High School is partially repaired and is working at half capacity. All of the parts have been ordered but they haven't arrived yet. We are still waiting patiently to get all the parts in and get the AC repaired as quickly as possible.

We are extremely thankful to everyone and for having an understanding of the situation.