Clean-Up - Kanawha County Schools - Flood Devastation

  • News
  • Zachary Hanshaw
  • 6/29/2016

Kanawha County School System is working diligently to clean-up the four affected schools. The work plan has been divided into four tiers. Each Tier is divided in such a way that will allow all aspects of the clean-up to be done in an efficient manner. The Kanawha County School System is committed to getting our students in the school on time.

There have been many calls about making monetary donations to help the schools. Donations can be made by calling The Kanawha CountySchools Treasurer's Office at 304-348-6691. Accounts have been created to accept donations for the affected school.

As well, there has been several calls and messages from people/community wanting to volunteer with the clean-up. At this time our initial four tiers are going to begin the clean-up. Due to the unknown, safety pre-cautions have to be taken. Volunteers are going to be asked to help out after the first round of the clean-up. Please keep an eye out on our social media accounts for further updates.

Thank you to all! We must stand together in this time of devastation as we re-build our schools and get them ready for the coming school year.