Chesapeake Elementary to Compete in World Archery Tournament

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  • Zachary Hanshaw
  • 5/19/2016

May 12th-14th, 2016, Chesapeake Elementary Wildcats' Archery Team traveled with 19 students as well as coach Stephen Erskine to Lousiville, KY to compete in the US Nationals competition.  The archery team earned enough points at the competition to participate in the prestigious World Archery Tournament which is going to be held this year, June 24th-26th, in Myrtle Beach, SC.  The team will compete in both the regular Bulls-Eye Tournament and the 3D Animal Tournament.

This will be Chesapeake's second year in a row attending this level of competition in both tournament styles.  Currently also enrolled to enter the Bulls-Eye competition as a team is Clendenin Elementary and Elkview Middle School.  Elkview has been there twice before and this would be Clendenin's first time as a team.  Congratulations to our teams and dedication!

Chesapeake has been part of the NASP (National Archery In The Schools Program) for 6 years and this year the school has had 38 students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade competed in one or more competitions.  In total, the team competed in 13 different events located in WV, KY, OH, TN, and SC.


"Chesapeake Elementary's Archery Team"


The NASP program is incorporated into the daily school curriculum as attendance, behavior, and academic incentives. As well lessons revolving around math, science, health, and character are incorporated into the aspects of shooting. 

Learn more about NASP here

Chesapeake Elementary also become the only school at any level in the US to participate in NASP and donate money to ST. Jude's Children's Hosptial each month the contest was available, for the last two school years.  


"3D team at US Nationals"