Sissionville Middle School 2016 West Virginia Golden Horseshoe

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  • Michael D Taylor
  • 4/8/2016

Sissonville Middle School 2016 West Virginia Golden Horseshoe


Congratulations to the following Red Hawk Students who have won the prestigious honor of winning the 2016 West Virginia Golden Horseshoe.  Red Hawk students bestowed the honor are 8th graders Kendyl Monday, Whitney Hughes, Jayden Blaylock, Levi Kincaid, and Jacob Jones. Since 1931, the Golden Horseshoe Test reward students’ appreciation and understanding of West Virginia. The top scoring students in each county receive the prestigious award. Kanawha County had 14 total winners in 2016 and five of these student attend one school Sissonville Middle School. Sissonville Middle has had a streak of winners each year since the start of the decade in 2010.  The last six years; 17 Red Hawk student’s have been bestowed the honor of being a Golden Horseshoe winner. The exam tests student knowledge on West Virginia citizenship, civics, government, economics, geography, history, and current events.  Over this span of winning for Sissonville Middle students, administration would like to recognize four WV History instructors/teachers would set the high expectation for our SMS 8th grade WV History students: Mr. James Grimes 2009, Mr. Rick Comer 2010, Mr. Steve Loftis 2011-12, and Mr. Charles Moss 2013-16. We appreciate their commitment to our students.

Kendyl Monday     

Whitney Hughes

Jayden Blaylock

Levi Kincaid

Jacob Jones

Special thanks to Mr. Charles Moss, our 8th grade WV History teacher and Mrs. Kelly Heidenrich, gifted teacher for her work with the WV History Bowl team.  Congratulations to all Red Hawks student body and staff as we share in the success of these students!