History of Sissonville High School

In the 1820s, the first school building, called School House Branch, was erected at the mouth of Second Creek.  As the need arose over the next hundred years, each community area opened a school.  These were elementary schools.  Attending high school before the 1930s was nearly impossible.  Teenagers from the area who attended high school did this by staying with a relative and attending Charleston High School. 

In the 1920s, Colonel A. E. Humphreys, along with Dr. Will Glass, traded lots with the school board to construct a four room community church.  This church, Humphreys Memorial, was constructed by Jack Wilkinson in 1926.  It operated as a school, as well.  The front two rooms held the intermediate grades while the back two rooms housed the primary grades.  In 1929, two more rooms were added.  Each year, succeeding grades were added until the first graduating class received their diplomas in 1932.

In 1939, the three-story part of the old middle school was built, and the gym followed in 1940.  This building housed the junior high and high school students of Sissonville until the new Sissonville High School, the building we still use today, opened in the fall of 1964.

Sissonville High School c. 1929

First Graduates of Sissonville High School
Class of 1932

Sissonville High School in 1939
(now known as the old middle school)