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Riverside High School's official School Song is, "Fight On!" which was borrowed from the University of Southern California. Mr. Jonathan Veazey, RHS Class of 2002 composed lyrics for this song that are specific to our school. The lyrics are:

	Fight On For Riverside
	We Will Fight On For Warrior Pride.
	Our Home Amongst The Hills 
	We Will Protect With All Our Skill For R H S
	Fight On To Be The Best!

Down By The Riverside Our Passion True We Will Not Hide With Sword And Sheild In Hand Our Nation Strong Across The Land For R H S Fight On To Be The Best Fight On!

This video was created by Isaac Taylor, class of 2019, to help people learn the words to Fight On! The audio is of the Warrior Band performing the Song.

In 2012, an unofficial Second School Song was added at Riverside.

While the exact origins of the song, "Down By The Riverside" are unknown, we know that it was sung as a work song by slaves in the South prior to the American Civil War. Although it had been sung for decades, the song was not published until 1918.

Many variations, in a variety of styles have emerged since the song was first published 100 years ago with artists including: Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Van Morrison, and the Million Dollar Quartet, featuring Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins releasing recordings of the tune.

We owe our arrangement to Dr. Richard Lemke who is Director Emeritus of the Marshall University Marching Thunder. To date, nobody has penned RHS Specific Lyrics to the Tune of this Song.

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