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All County Band Auditions

Kanawha County, All-County Band Auditions will be held at George Washington High School on the evening of Tuesday, February 12th.

For you audition, you will need to be able to play the required piece for your instrument (listed below), A Solo of your choice, Scales, and Sight Reading

The required scales are the same as the Band Warrior Exam: C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, G, D, A, and E. There is no specific rhythm requirement or tempo, and you are not required to play any of them in 2 octaves. The Chromatic scale is not required at-all.

Percussion students are required to audition on any two of the three instruments (Keyboard, Snare, Timpani). Because they have to audition on two instruments, they are not required to have a solo. Rudiments are not required for drums and scales are only required if auditioning on keyboard.
A pitch pipe or tuning fork must be used for Timpani tuning. Electronic tuners may not be used, and students cannot get their pitch from the keyboard.

All students are encouraged to audition for All-County, but it is not required. If you sign up to do it, however, you will be expected to prepare for you audition and follow through with it. Don't say you're going to do it if you are not willing to make this committment.

All interested students will submit the $10.00 audition fee to Mr. Mullins no later than Thursday, January 3rd.

Piccolo Flute Clarinet
Saxophones Bassoon Bass Clarinet
Horn Trumpet Trombone
Baritone BC Baritone TC Tuba
2018-2019 All-State Band Audition Materials

All-State Band has two required pieces, plus scales (1-4 Sharps, 1-4 Flats, and C). You will also need a solo. All-County Band will use one of these two required pieces (to be determined later) and the same scales and solo.

Please check the specific scale requirements at:

All State 2018 Piccolo All State 2018 Flute All State 2018 Clarinet
All State 2018 Saxophones All State 2018 Bassoon All State 2018 Bass Clarinet
All State 2018 Horn All State 2018 Trumpet All State 2018 Trombone
All State 2018 Baritone BC All State 2018 Baritone TC All State 2018 Tuba
All State 2018 Percussion
Fight On!
Fight On - Flute Fight On - Clarinet 1 Fight On - Clarinet 2
Fight On - Alto Sax 1 Fight on - Alto Sax 2 Fight On - Tenor Sax
Fight On - Bari Sax Fight On - Mellophone Fight On - Trumpet 1
Fight On - Trumpet 2 Fight On - Trumpet 3 Fight On - Trombone 1
Fight On - Trombone 2 Fight On - Baritone BC Fight On - Tuba