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Welcome to a new season of the Warrior Band at Riverside!! We are excited about the future and, as usual, we have great things planned for this season!

We will officially kick off our season with the first day of camp on July 22 at 9:00am.. Each day of the 10 day band camp will begin at 9:00am. The first week (July 22 – 26) will end at 5:00pm each day. The second week (July 29 –August 2) will end at 9:00pm each day.

I cannot stress to you enough how important it is that everyone attend every day of Band Camp. Much of the instruction that occurs during camp will not be repeated and the skills learned will be used throughout the season!

We hope to have the Kanawha County Schools Summer Lunch Program again this year to provide lunch and a snack each of the 10 days of Band Camp. If we are allowed the summer lunch program, these meals are provided to all students free of charge. The RHS Band Boosters will be providing Dinner each evening of the second week.

We make every effort to keep the costs of being in the band to a minimum so that everyone can afford to participate. No students are ever turned away due to money. We do ask, however, that you contact the Band Boosters if you need help. The Boosters are willing to assist families offset the costs associated with being in the band, but they cannot read your mind. You will find email addresses for some of the booster officers at the bottom of this letter.

The Band Fee for this year is only $50.00. This money will be used to pay for feeding the band dinners during the second week of camp, for dry cleaning uniforms, and to provide every band member with a band tee shirt. Your Band fee will be due on the first day of band camp. If paying by check, please make it payable to RHS Band. Also on the first day, please bring your completed Band Contract, Medical Form, Contact Information Sheet, and Picture Release forms. All Members must return these forms; we must have to date information for everyone.

In addition to the food fee mentioned above, everyone will be required to have black gloves and a pair of black “Impact” marching shoes. We cannot look uniform unless everyone has the same shoes and gloves. The black “Impact” shoes and gloves that we wear are available at Kerr’s Music World on Bigley Avenue in Charleston. For your convenience, a representative from Kerr’s will come to Band Camp to fit students for shoes and gloves. Kerr’s will order your shoes and/or gloves on that day only if you pay Kerr's for them on that day. If you do not bring payment on the day that Kerr's visits, you will need to go to Kerr’s Music World to order your shoes and/or gloves. Last year the shoes cost $33.87 and gloves cost $6.31; these prices include sales tax.

All wind players (Brass and Woodwind) should already have a lyre and flip folder from Middle School. These are vital tools that all wind players must have. If you do not already have a lyre and flip folder, please make arrangements to acquire these items before band camp begins.

We will be working outside much of the time at band camp and it will be hot! Please plan accordingly and dress appropriately. Sunscreen is a great idea, sunglasses are good, a hat is wonderful, and a water bottle is essential. I encourage you to apply and re-apply sun screen often, but do not do so inside the building! We have learned in the past that sunscreen will not come up off the waxed tile floors!

The band will provide water and ice for your bottle. Because we will be marching you must wear actual shoes! Flip Flips and sandals do not work for marching; you must wear athletic style shoes to all rehearsals. Please be sure to eat something in the mornings before coming to camp. You cannot work on an empty stomach!

Calendars are always available on RHSWARRIORBAND.COM.

Right now these calendars are up for February-July with all “known” events. I do update these calendars as new information comes available, so make sure that you check them often.

When even one band member is missing from rehearsal, everyone is affected. You are always important and missing is always a “big deal”. It is encouraged that you work out carpooling so that everyone always has a ride to and/or from band events.

We make every effort to make band affordable for everyone and all expenses are kept to a minimum. Please let us know at any time if you need help with any band expenses. Please do not allow a financial problem to prevent you from being a part of the band.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns,
304-348-1996 ext. 519

Or contact our Band Boosters Directly:
President – Kim Blankenship: kbugggg@yahoo.com
​Treasurer – Susan Miller: davidmiller10x@hotmail.com