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Town of East Bank Cancels their Christmas Parade

posted 12-14-19 at 9:15am

The Town of East Bank has canceled their Christmas Parade that was scheduled for today due to the predicted weather conditions.

Meet in the Band Room no later than 3:40 to prepare to board the bus which will depart the school at 4:15. Food will not be provided in the band room as planned because we will not be reporting to the Band Room directly from the East Bank Parade!

Happy Birthday Matthew!
Three Weeks of RHS Band Christmas Performances

We do not wear Helmets and Plumes for Christmas Parades – Band member are free to decorate their head with Santa hats or other festive apparel so long as it is appropriate and does not interfere with their duties as a band member (playing and seeing).

From neck down, all band members will be in uniform including black socks and shoes. It will probably be cold at some or all these parades; layering is encouraged. Underlayers must not be visible - no hoodies sticking out the neck, no pants sticking out the bottom!

Instruments may also be decorated so long as the decorations are appropriate, do not interfere with the operation of the instrument and do not cause any damage.

Week 1

Montgomery Christmas Parade:

  • Friday, December 6th
  • Meet at Montgomery Gino’s at 6:00pm
  • Parade begins at 7:00pm
  • Parade will follow 3rd Ave. from Gino’s to Go-Mart on the other end of town. Is only 0.43 miles
  • Band will be dismissed at the GoMart – will finished at about 7:30

  • Chesapeake Christmas Parade:

  • Saturday, December 7th
  • Meet on the upper side of Chesapeake Elementary (137th Street) at 10:00am
  • Parade Begins at 11:00am
  • Parade will follow MacCorkle Ave. from 137th Street to the opposite end of town, but we will end at the Community Center (124th Street). Is only 0.88 miles.
  • Band will be dismissed at the Dr. Lisa Curry Memorial Annex, Chesapeake Community Center – will finish at about 11:40

  • Campbells Creek Christmas Parade:

  • Also Saturday, December 7th
  • Meet at Cole Fork United Methodist Church at 3:30pm
  • Other units in the parade will be starting from Spring Fork Baptist Church, but we are joining the parade at Cole Fork.
  • The parade begins at 4:00pm and will follow Campbells Creek Dr.
  • Parade Ends at Point Lick Park (1.18 miles for us)
  • Band will be dismissed at Point Lick Park – will finish at about 5:00
  • Week 2

    Marmet Christmas Parade:

  • Friday, December 13th
  • Meet at Family Dollar at 5:30pm
  • Parade begins at 6:00pm
  • Parade will follow MacCorke Ave. from Family Dollar at 99th street to the Marmet Recreation Center at 86th street. 0.61 miles
  • Band will be dismissed at the Marmet Rec. Center (Immediately across MacCorkle from the Ball Field) – will finish around 6:40

  • East Bank Christmas Parade:

  • Saturday, December 14th
  • Meet at the East Bank Post Office on Willow Street at 12:30pm
  • Parade Starts at 1:00
  • Parade route will follow 1st Ave. from Elm Street to East Bank Middle School. 0.68 miles.
  • Band will be dismissed at East Bank Middle School – will finish around 1:30
  • ACT testing will occur during this parade – members who are testing will be excuse from this performance but are expected to join us in the band room by 3:50 for the Gauley Bridge Parade.

  • Gauley Bridge Christmas Parade:

  • Also Saturday, December 14th
  • Band members may go straight to the RHS Band Room following the East Bank Parade (food available) but must be there by 3:50pm – Happy Birthday Matthew!
  • Bus will leave at 4:15
  • Bus will drop us off at the Tennis Courts on Scrabble Creek Road, which will be the beginning of the parade.
  • Parade will begin at 6:00pm
  • Parade route will begin at the Tennis Courts, Follow Scrabble Creek Road down, across the tracks to Main Street, Follow Main Street through the underpass and out to Route 60. On Route 60 past City National Bank where it loops back around on Main Street. Finally – Main street back to the Fire Department. 1.5 miles
  • Bus will pick us up at the Fire Department. The town of Gauley Bridge will have hot chocolate available for band members in the Fire Department while we wait for our bus.
  • I anticipate that we will return to RHS at approximately 8:00pm
  • Week 3

    Riverside High School Warrior Band's Annual Christmas Concert

  • Monday, December 16th
  • We DO NOT wear Uniforms for Concerts! – Wear “Concert Black” * See below
  • Band Members will meet in Band Room at 6:00pm
  • Concert begins at 7:00pm
  • Concert is Free and Open to the Public

  • * Concert Black

  • Black dress pants
  • Black Long Sleeve, Button-up Top
  • Black shoes and Socks (band shoes will work)
  • Ladies may choose to wear a black dress or skirt. Please be mindful of length – you will be seated on an elevated stage; this is not the time for a short dress!

    Report times listed on the band calendar are the times that students are expected to be in the band room to prepare for performances. I realize that it is difficult for some students to get back to school at the report time if they go home first, and for this reason many students stay in Quincy after school. Sometimes the down time between the end of school and the band's report time can exceed two hours. It is simply impossible for me to adequately supervise every child during this "unstructured" or "down" time. Some parents allow their child to walk to McDonalds, some to Walmart, some students have cars and drive wherever they choose, and still some are told to stay in the band room. I have absolutely no way of knowing who is allowed to do what, and wouldn't be able to keep up with it if I were given the information.

    While I don't mind students being around the band room after school I cannot be held accountable for what children may do when out of my sight and possibly off school property when parents allow them to stay in Quincy outside of times that I require or request them to be here.

    If parents choose to allow their child to stay during the time after school and before the stated "report" time then Parents are responsible for their child's actions during that time.

    As usual I will continue to be around the band room after school on these days, will ensure that the students around me are behaving correctly, and will be available to any student who has a problem during this time. Please feel free to email me if you would like to discuss this matter (

    Thank You, Mr. Mullins

    WVU High School Honor Band

    The WVU High School Honor Band Will be held February 7-9 this year.
    Participants will be asked to record themselves (video) playing two major scales of their choosing, the chromatic scale, and a brief required excerpt that will be provided below. The required excerpts will be posted in January 2019.

    Check back for updates

    Here are images from last year's group:

    Marshall High School Honor Band

    THe Marshall High School Honor Band Will be held February 14-16 this year.
    Last year, Marshall started a sytem in which all nominated students are allowed in the two lower bands. Students, and their directors, can choose to audition for the two two bands. This audition will consist of scales, sight reading, and possibly a prepared piece.
    Here are some images of past groups attending the Marshall Honor Band Festival: