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Bruce Mullins - Director
Ashley Elswick - Field Commander
Gabbie Mullins - Feature Twirler
Kim Blankenship - Band Boosters President
Spring Concert

The Riverside High School Band will present their annual Spring Concert on Monday, May 13th at 7:00pm in the Riverside Auditorium.
This concert is FREE and Open to the Public - Please invite anyone who appreciates Good Music!

Band Members will wear "Concert Black" the same as for Ratings and will report to the Band Room by 6:00pm to prepare for the concert.
After the concert ALL Band members will assist in clearing the stage.

Carowinds Trip Itinerary

There will be a chaperone at the Carolina Skytower at all times from when we arrive until we leave. The Skytower can be seen from most every point in the park.

Please be aware that this is a “School Trip” and even though we will not be on school property, all school policies are in effect and all rules apply.

Carolina Harbor, The Water Park inside Carowinds, Carolina Harbor, will be open from 11am-5pm on the day of our visit. Admission to the water park is included in the with your admission – there is no additional charge. Please plan ahead if you plan to partake in the water park adventures and bring appropriate attire and supplies (towel, swimsuit, etc).

Lockers From the Carowinds Website:

Lockers are available to rent inside the park. Rentals vary in size and start at $17. Prices differ among locker locations. Lockers are available at the following locations:

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Lunch Lunch is provided in the cost of your trip. We meet at the Carolina Skytower and walk together to lunch. The buffet lunch includes: Fried Chicken tenders, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, salad, chips, chocolate chip cookies and unlimited soft drinks while in the picnic pavilion. Meeting for lunch will also be a check-in time.

Check-In's Check-In's will occur at three times while we are in the park. The first check-in is when we gather for lunch. The chaperones will ensure that everyone has reported. The two other times are: in the 4:00 hour and the 7:00 hour. Please walk by the Carolina Skytower and check-in with the Chaperone on duty at some point within each of these hours. The Chaperone will keep record to be sure that every student has checked in.

Breakfast and Dinner Breakfast and Dinner are not included in the cost of your trip. We will be stopping at approximately 8:30 for breakfast on the way to the park. Your choices for breakfast will be McDonalds or Bojangles. You are responsible for the cost of your meal. We will eat lunch at 1:00pm – This is included in your trip! You will need to bring money to eat dinner from the vendors within the park. There are a lot of options but be aware that prices are very high – plan accordingly.

Bottomless Soda Wristband A "Bottomless Soda Wristband" is included in the cost of your trip. I am told that your wristband can be used at any drink location or restaurant and are unlimited.

Graduation Band 2019

Riverside High School Graduation will be held at the Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center on Saturday, May 25th beginning at 10:00am. As usual, we will provide a band for the Comencement Ceremony which will be made up of current RHS Band members, upcoming 9th grade students from the feeder middle schools, and RHS Band Alumni who are always welcome to come back to perform.

On the Day of Graduation:

Rehearsal for Commencement Band:

Band Camp 2019

Band Camp 2019 will begin on Monday, July 22. As usual, we will have two weeks of Band Camp with the first week (7-22/7-26) being 9:00am-5:00pm and the second week (7-29/8-2) being 9am-9pm. Click Here for more information about Band Camp 2019

New Calendars are Posted

Calendars have been posted for Feb. - July - Check it Out


Report times listed on the band calendar are the times that students are expected to be in the band room to prepare for performances. I realize that it is difficult for some students to get back to school at the report time if they go home first, and for this reason many students stay in Quincy after school. Sometimes the down time between the end of school and the band's report time can exceed two hours. It is simply impossible for me to adequately supervise every child during this "unstructured" or "down" time. Some parents allow their child to walk to McDonalds, some to Walmart, some students have cars and drive wherever they choose, and still some are told to stay in the band room. I have absolutely no way of knowing who is allowed to do what, and wouldn't be able to keep up with it if I were given the information.

While I don't mind students being around the band room after school I cannot be held accountable for what children may do when out of my sight and possibly off school property when parents allow them to stay in Quincy outside of times that I require or request them to be here.

If parents choose to allow their child to stay during the time after school and before the stated "report" time then Parents are responsible for their child's actions during that time.

As usual I will continue to be around the band room after school on these days, will ensure that the students around me are behaving correctly, and will be available to any student who has a problem during this time. Please feel free to email me if you would like to discuss this matter (

Thank You, Mr. Mullins

WVU High School Honor Band

The WVU High School Honor Band Will be held February 7-9 this year.
Participants will be asked to record themselves (video) playing two major scales of their choosing, the chromatic scale, and a brief required excerpt that will be provided below. The required excerpts will be posted in January 2019.

Check back for updates

Here are images from last year's group:

Marshall High School Honor Band

THe Marshall High School Honor Band Will be held February 14-16 this year.
Last year, Marshall started a sytem in which all nominated students are allowed in the two lower bands. Students, and their directors, can choose to audition for the two two bands. This audition will consist of scales, sight reading, and possibly a prepared piece.
Here are some images of past groups attending the Marshall Honor Band Festival: