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Bruce Mullins - Director
Ashley Elswick - Field Commander
Gabbie Mullins - Feature Twirler
Kim Blankenship - Band Boosters President
New Calendars are Posted

Calendars have been posted for Feb. - July - Check it Out

Performance this Sunday (3-17) at Capital High School

All RHS Band Members are expected to arrive at Capital High School by 1:30pm - Gather in the CHS Commons.

We are tentativly scheduled to perform at 2:20.

Wear this year's Band Tee!

Glenville State College Percussion Ensemble Concert

I will be taking a group of students to the Glenville Percussion ensemble concert on Thursday, April 4th. I can only take a total of 14 students and these seats are available on a first-come first-served basis. The cost of tickets is $15.00 each and the first 14 students to bring this money in will get the seats!

Two of RHS Warriors will be performing in the Percussion Ensemble: Joe and Jacob Lutsy

The Glenville Perussion Ensemble Concert is a HUGE Production. It will Blow Your Mind!

Carowinds Trip

We are excited to be offering our end of the year trip on Saturday, May 18th to Carowinds!

The total cost of the trip is $130.00, which includes the bus, ticket to the park, catered lunch in the park, and the unlimited drink wristband.

We are asking that anyone interested in attending this trip pay a non-refundable deposit of $75.00 by Feb. 28th to reserve your spot on the bus.

Earlier in the year we had a Pepproni Roll Sale in which each students' profits went toward their trip. 11 Students participated in this sale, and 1 actually covered the entire cost of the trip! We will do another fundraiser later this month or in March to help covere the cost of the trip.


Report times listed on the band calendar are the times that students are expected to be in the band room to prepare for performances. I realize that it is difficult for some students to get back to school at the report time if they go home first, and for this reason many students stay in Quincy after school. Sometimes the down time between the end of school and the band's report time can exceed two hours. It is simply impossible for me to adequately supervise every child during this "unstructured" or "down" time. Some parents allow their child to walk to McDonalds, some to Walmart, some students have cars and drive wherever they choose, and still some are told to stay in the band room. I have absolutely no way of knowing who is allowed to do what, and wouldn't be able to keep up with it if I were given the information.

While I don't mind students being around the band room after school I cannot be held accountable for what children may do when out of my sight and possibly off school property when parents allow them to stay in Quincy outside of times that I require or request them to be here.

If parents choose to allow their child to stay during the time after school and before the stated "report" time then Parents are responsible for their child's actions during that time.

As usual I will continue to be around the band room after school on these days, will ensure that the students around me are behaving correctly, and will be available to any student who has a problem during this time. Please feel free to email me if you would like to discuss this matter (

Thank You, Mr. Mullins

WVU High School Honor Band

The WVU High School Honor Band Will be held February 7-9 this year.
Participants will be asked to record themselves (video) playing two major scales of their choosing, the chromatic scale, and a brief required excerpt that will be provided below. The required excerpts will be posted in January 2019.

Check back for updates

Here are images from last year's group:

Marshall High School Honor Band

THe Marshall High School Honor Band Will be held February 14-16 this year.
Last year, Marshall started a sytem in which all nominated students are allowed in the two lower bands. Students, and their directors, can choose to audition for the two two bands. This audition will consist of scales, sight reading, and possibly a prepared piece.
Here are some images of past groups attending the Marshall Honor Band Festival: