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Video submissions are due by 11:59PM on August 15, 2016

2016 Kanawha County Schools Summer DigCit Project


Create a public service announcement/multimedia presentation that promotes positive digital citizenship for students in middle or high school. The PSA should communicate an understanding of digital citizenship, raise awareness of benefits and pitfalls of online interactions, motivate students, parents, and community to engage in meaningful discussions on technology usage. This challenge is open to Kanawha County School students that will be in 6th through 12th grade for the 2016-17 school year.

Using Digital Bytes Click Here from Common Sense Education, investigate one of the following two case studies. Use the information to develop recommendations for sharing online, highlight key points, write a storyboard, and then record video. The final, edited PSA will be 60 seconds to 90 seconds in length.

Feeling Question Category Title
Doer Can you make the world better at your age? Activism Movers and Shakers
Thinker Are you too fixated on getting "likes"? Activism Myselfie, Myself

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Prizes Middle School (6-8) High School (9-12)
First $100 $100
Second $50 $50
Third $25 $25


Category 4 3 2 1
Content Well-organized PSA with excellent, strong presentation of message. Accurate facts and well-stated guidelines are present. Organized PSA with good message in presentation. Nearly all facts and guidelines are correct. PSA lacks organization in message. Guidelines and ideas are well-founded. PSA lacks organization and message is missing major points or is unclear
Originality Exceptional inclusion of content that defines creativity engagin the viewer. The attention of the audience is "grabed" PSA is mostly creative containing facets that demonstrate a unique approach. PSA contains some creative elements is not the work. PSA lacks any original, creative components or of student(lacking citation).
Continuity Media flows smoothly, utilizing words, pictures, and video that enhance the content. Shows compelte devleopment of story with beginning, middle, and end. PSA flows with most pictures, video, and words accentuating the story. Unclear beginning, middle, and end. PSA is hard to follow as media choice does not always relate to story. Lacks continuity completely - media flow is absent or not student's work(lacking citation).
Production PSA utilizes innovative images and graphics with video in focus, steady and lighted well. Audio is clear and at a volume that is easily heard. Background sounds and effects blend with message. Includes images and video that are mostly in focus and well lit. Audio is acceptable and clear. Background sounds usually accentuate message. Images and video are usually in focus, steady, and lit well. Audio contains acceptable volume level. Background sounds sometimes detract form message. Images are out of focus, poorly lit, or unsteady. Sound is unclear or volume too low. Background sounds and/or music are too loud or distract viewer from message.

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