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  • RHS Archery Team

    1st Place at the Chapmanville Archery Tournament

  • Bowling Team

    RHS Varsity Bowling Team - West Virginia State Champions

Important Dates

  • January 25th - 1st Semester Report Cards Distributed
  • January 29th - FASFA Night at RHS - 6:00pm
  • February 5th - Juniors Scheduling Meeting for 2019-2020
  • February 9th - Winter Formal
  • February 11th - Parent Meeting for Valley Transfer Students - RHS at 6:00pm
  • February 14th - Valley High School Scheduling Visit
  • February 18th - Parent Meeting for incoming 9th graders - RHS at 6:00pm
  • February 19-20th - Scheduling incoming Freshman for 2019-2020
  • February 19th - Sophomore Scheduling for 2019-2020
  • February 25th - FASFA Workshop 12:00-6:00pm at RHS
  • January 26th - Freshman Scheduling for 2019-2020
  • April 9th - SAT Test Day -11th Grade
  • April 23rd - SAT Make-Up Day - 11th Grade
  • May 4th - Prom
  • May 13-16th - Senior Final Exams
  • May 17th - Senior's Last Day!
  • May 20th - Senior Awards Ceremony - 9:00am at RHS
  • May 25th - RHS Graduation - Charleston Civic Center - 10:00am
January 2019 Newsletter from Counselors and Administration

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Principal's News
It is truly amazing that we are at the halfway point to the school year and as we begin our second semester, it is important that we keep the lines of communication open regarding what is going on at Riverside High School. If you have not already looked on Schoology to view your student’s grades, you will receive a copy of your student’s grade card on January 25, 2019 for the first semester. As you review your student’s performance for the first half of the academic year, I ask that you speak with your student and to please ask the following questions:

  • • Are you satisfied with your academic performance?
  • • Did you complete all the work that was assigned to you, such as classwork and homework?
  • • Have you made use of the help offered by your teachers, opportunities to make up work, opportunities to retake a test?
  • • Did you attend the EST during Warrior Time or afterschool tutoring?
  • • If you are not satisfied, what do you plan to do differently this semester?

It is very important that we hold our students accountable for their academic performance and ask them the above tough questions. The faculty and staff want to see our students succeed, but it is very important for our students to realize that they too are a part of the puzzle of success. It also important that our students take full advantage of the academic programs and extracurricular opportunities offered at Riverside. It is my honor to be the principal of Riverside High School! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

Jane Kennedy
304-348-1996 ext. 311

Attendance and Social Services
My name is Kim Legg and I wanted to introduce myself as the new Assistant Attendance Director at Riverside High School. I am not new to Kanawha County Schools, I have spent the last 14 years serving the elementary schools in the Eastern Kanawha Valley. I am very excited to be at Riverside High School and look forward to helping the students and families in our area.

Attendance is very critical in determining educational success for students. Research has proven students who have poor attendance have bad grades, are more likely to drop out of high school, and more likely to be involved in the criminal justice system. It is my goal to improve the attendance rate at Riverside High School and provide support and intervention to the students who need it.

If your child has to miss school, please provide the excuse to the school no later than 3 days after they are back in school. Excuses can include doctors, court, and death in family, calamity in the family and parent excuses. Parents are allowed to write 5 parent excuses per year. Please check with the school to ensure your child is turning in the excuses.

If your child continues to miss school, after 5 unexcused days you will receive a legal notice from me. This does not mean that you are going to court, this just alerts you that your child has missed. At this point most attendance issues can be resolved. If your student continues to miss school, we will schedule a SBAC (School Based Attendance Committee) meeting to assess the issue and develop a plan to help your child be successful. If attendance continues to be an issue and the student misses over 10 days unexcused, then an actual truancy charge can be filed against your child. This is the last option and we would like to do everything we can to prevent this from happening.

My ultimate goal is to provide support to the students and families at Riverside High School. We are very fortunate to have a variety of services at our disposal and I will advocate for those services to be implemented to the students who need them. My door is always open, so please feel free to stop by or contact me if you have concerns or need assistance in any way.

304-348-1996 ext 328

Back to Basics: The Top FIVE School Policies and Procedures at RHS As we begin the next semester, the administration of Riverside High School wanted to remind parents of a few of our policies and procedures. Please review the following procedures with your child:

  1. 1. Students Signing-Out: In order to sign-out of school, students must bring a parent note to school by 9:30 giving them permission to leave campus during the school day. Once the school receives the note, our secretary will call the parent and verify the note BEFORE allowing a student to leave campus. It is advised that parents go ahead and call the front desk to verify all notes so that students will not be delayed in leaving campus. Before leaving campus, all students must sign out, and get permission to leave from the main office unless a parent is present to sign them out.
  2. 2. Food/Drink: The administration has been seeing a trend of food being brought to school by students after the school day has begun. Parents, please be reminded that food and drinks are not permitted inside classrooms, and students should not be bringing food to school after the start of the day. Students who bring food after the start of the school day will be instructed to take their food to their respective class to be consumed. Teachers reserve the right to allow students to eat in their classrooms; they will grant, or deny, permission for the food to be consumed during classroom instruction. From now on, students WILL NOT be allowed to miss instructional time in order to finish their breakfast/lunch in the commons.
  3. 3. RHS 10/10 Policy: As per the student handbook, students are NOT permitted to leave class for any reason, unless the instructor deems the situation an emergency, for the first 10 minutes or the last ten minutes of each class-period. If students are given permission to leave, they need a hall pass in order to be in the hallway. Students without notes or hall passes will be counted as skipping by the administration.
  4. 4. Reporting to school after an absence: Students who miss individual class periods, or an entire day, must bring a note that specifically states the reason for the absence, the date of the absence, and a signature of a parent/guardian or healthcare provider. Notes are brought to the main office in the designated basket. Absences that do not follow this procedure will be recorded as unexcused.
  5. 5. Out-of-School Suspension: Any student who is suspended from school is denied the privilege of attending school for the number of days specified. All extracurricular privileges are also suspended. Any student who visits the property of any Kanawha County School during the school day or attends extracurricular activities while under suspension will be subject to additional disciplinary action.
Excellence Continues in RHS Business Department

Congratulations to the following students who have earned Microsoft Office 2016 Specialists Certification

Amaya Coles, Bethany Shope, Chelsee Curry, David Morris, Ethan Balser, Grae ROy, Jamie Graley, Joshua Arthur, Kaycee Lantz, Kristen Malcolm, Marissa Adkins, Roger Gray, Tyler Miller, Ashley Steakley, Caralee Ramsey, Claira Vealey, Elexa Gardner, Grace Underwood, Jaden Booker, Jennifer Newman, Kaiden Kersey, Kendall Lawless, Lilly Young, Noah Estep, Seth Foster, and William Naylor

Also, Kaylie Williams - Adobe Certified Associate Visual Design using Adobe Photoshop® cc201

The Buzz on Warrior Way

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Riverside Food Pantry

The Riverside food pantry has received many generous donations from both private citizens as well as companies. We have been given monetary donations as well as food donations. Some donors in-clude; The Kanawha County Commission, Edgewood Elementary, DuPont Middle School, Ball Toyo-ta, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Covenant House, the Republican Committee of West Virginia as well as private citizens. One citizen donated turkey breasts for the distribution day in December. Riverside held a Holiday Food drive in which many teachers sponsored a food item, having their students bring in the item.

Thank you to all of the donors who have given food! Without donations, it would not be possible! On December 15th, we served 86 families from the community. Community service student volunteer to help people get their food and answer questions if they have any. Students also stock, organize and inventory the pantry. If a person or family needs food, he or she can come to the food pantry on the food pantry distribu-tion day, which is the third Saturday of the month. They do not need to pre register or fill out any forms when they come. They are not asked any questions.


The month of November was the March of Dimes Premature Awareness Month. FBLA set up a Go Fund Me account and raised awareness at school the week of November 12-16, and on the 16th we lit the school up with purple!

The students raised a total of $65 for the March of Dimes! Proud of our Future Business Leaders of America!

Mr. Burford

Mr. Burford had his last official day of school on November 30, 2018. Mr. Burford played a large role in Riverside High School. Mr. Burford was our school’s FCA sponsor for many years, leading and encouraging kids to join the wonderful Chris-tian organization. His FCA kids will miss his presence dearly, calling him one of the brightest lights in the school. He was not just a big part of the FCA Program, but al-so a big part in the Carver Career program. He loved to talk to the kids, he was stern with them, but he loved them dearly and talked about them often. Those who did not know Burford did not know how much of a role he played in Riverside, he was truly the glue of the school, he will be missed dearly but we hope he enjoys his retirement. (Matthew 5:16)

Still Taking orders for the 2018-19 RHS Yearbook

We are still taking orders for the 2018-19 Yearbook!

The Book cost is $45.00 and can be purchased online or in the RHS School Store.

Order online by visiting and pay with Debit or Credit Card.

Order in the School Store if paying with Cash or Check (made payable to Riverside High School). If possible, print This Form and bring it to the School Store. They will have copies if you cannot print.

The Yearbook will be delivered in May before Senior's Last Day. A 12 page Spring Supplement to the yearbook that contains coverage of: Baseball, Softball, Track, Tennis, Graduation, and Prom will be distributed in October of next year.

Winter Formal

February 9th, the Riverside Prom Committee is hosting a Winter Formal in order to raise money for this years prom! The theme of Winter Formal is a Winter’s Night and tickets need to be purchased ASAP! Tickets are $10 if bought early and $15 if bought at the door. Everyone is welcome to attend this dance and the dress is semi-formal. This will be a wonderful night to get dressed up, have fun, and spend quality time with friends! Ms. Ferrell will be DJing this dance, so there will be great music, cold drinks, and lots of fun!