Welcome to First Day Packets


This is the place where you can fill out your packet online.


Steps to complete:
  1. Simply fill out the packet and submit at the end.  If you choose, you can request a physical packet from your school to fill out and send back with your child.

There might be additional forms you will need to fill out that pertains to your child's school; the school will provide them. The forms provided here are the ones used throughout the district.


Notes:  The first-day packet does not included Preschool. The Preschool packet is separate and was filled out when the child was enrolled.

Printing:  At the end of the packet you have the ability to 'Print' the entire packet you just filled out.  It will actually create a pdf document of it.  Please review the following to ensure the document is sucessfully printed if you choose to print it.

  •  Ensure pop-up blocker is turned off before filling out the packet or put the following site into your whitelist of your pop-up blocker (https://app.perfectforms.com).  If it is turned on it could prevent the packet from being printed/downloaded.
  • Depending on what device and browser you use to fill out the packet two things could happen when you select 'Print'.  The printed document could possibly open up in a new tab or it could be automatically download.
  • Printing on mobile devices may not open in a new tab you will need to check your downloads on your phone.  Again, please ensure pop-ups are disabled on your mobile device or you have whitelisted the site. (https://app.perfectforms.com)


Year-Round School Packet


Secondary(Middle/High) School Packet


Elementary School Packet


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