First-Day Packet

Welcome to the First Day Packet page.  Here you'll find the resources needed to fill out the county-wide first-day forms that are normally sent out to parents at the beginning of each school year.


First-Day Packet(This is currently not live): CLICK HERE TO OPEN FIRST-DAY PACKET

 - This packet contains numerous forms that are critical to the daily operations at each school.  Once you open the packet, please read the beginning remarks carefully.



Policy Series J25(This is currently not live): CLICK HERE TO OPEN POLICY SERIES J25

 - This form is separate from the packet because many schools choose to go over the policy at the school and have the student sign it.  Your school will indicate whether or not this should be filled out at home.


Note: There might be other forms that your school uses that the entire district doesn't use.  Those would still have to be filled out manually and your school will provide them as before. It is our goal for next year to work with each of the schools and get their individual forms online to have a completely digital compilation of the forms.


Technical Assistance:  If you are having trouble with the online forms or need assistance please send an email to


This is the first year that the packet(forms) will be introduced online.  Feedback would be great! If you could fill out the following form after you have completed the above packet it would help us to continue to improve the system for the following year.  Please provide any suggestions/questions/critiques about the system.