• A related bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Applicants who are graduates of teacher preparation programs or who have held a teaching certificate are not eligible for this program.
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Evidence of passing score(s) on the CORE and PRAXIS specialty area content examination(s) as required by West Virginia.
  • Qualifications criteria for general education endorsements that are for grades 5-9 (i.e. English 5-9, general science 5-9, mathematics 5-9) must include two content areas.

PRAXIS and CORE Specialty Area Content Examination


 PRAXIS Test # 

 Reading  5712

 Writing    5722

 Math       5732

 Content Area 

 PRAXIS Test # 

 Elementary Education 



 All four subtests  5002,5003,5004,5005, 5203 

 Secondary Mathematics 

 5169 (5-9) 

 5161 (5-A) 

 Secondary English 

 5047 (5-9) 

 5038 (5-A) 

 Secondary Science 

 5440 (5-9) 

 5435 (5-A) 








Testing requirements: Special Education


Prior to being hired at the district level as an alternative program participant, program candidates in the special education teaching path of an approved program WVBE for alternative certification to prepare highly qualified special education teachers must submit to the West Virginia Department Education and to the alternative program provider passing scores on WVBE-approved preprofessional skills test or tests, or evidence of a qualifying exemption as described in Policy 5202. At the conclusion of the alternative certification program, teachers in the special education teaching path completing a WVBE-approved alternative certification program to prepare highly qualified special education teachers shall be required to meet the proficiency score(s) on the appropriate state competency exam(s) in special education content and the state competency exam(s) in pedagogy.


  • Preparation for endorsements that are for grades 5-9 must include two content areas, so candidate qualifications for two content areas must be reviewed when considering the 5-9 endorsement.
  • Endorsements that have no WVBE – required PRAXIS assessment for content may NOT be obtained through alternative certification unless their academic major coursework is in the subject of the endorsement sought providing solid evidence of content proficiency.


 Y N 

 Applicant meets general requirements identified in Policy 5202, Section 9.1.# 

 Y N 

Applicant holds a bachelor's degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution of higher education with the required minimum cumulative GPA. (Official Transcripts Attached) (Refer to Policy 5202, Section 9.8.a)

 Y N 

 Applicant holds documentation verifying passing scores on WVBE - required basic skills exam or qualifying exemption. (Scores submitted to WVDE) Date the applicant met this requirement:  

 Y N 

 Applicant has been formally offered employment within a critical need and shortage area. The position has been posted at least twice or for a minimum ten-day period. No fully-qualified (certified) applicant has applied for the position. Projected employment date: