Volunteer Opportunities

71 schools, centers, and programs and nearly 26,000 students. Volunteer coordinators at each school provide orientation and training. Flexible scheduling. Volunteer activities matched to your interest.



1. An individual who wishes to volunteer at a school shall be interviewed and approved by the principal prior to serving at the school. The principal’s decision on whether to approve the volunteer candidate shall be based upon the best interests of the school.

2. Complete the Application for Participation as a Volunteer (C55) and three references..



3. All persons wishing to volunteer as an athletic coach or who will be tutoring or mentoring students, or who will otherwise be in the presence of students without being supervised by a professional educator, shall be required to submit to a criminal background check.



4. Before entering into any of the duties as a volunteer at a school, a prospective volunteer must receive appropriate training processed through Human Resources. Contact: Vickie Church vchurch@mail.kana.k12.wv.us 304-348-7753



Types of Volunteer Activities

  • Academic Tutoring-elementary reading and math; remediation in basic skills
  • Mentoring-ongoing commitment
  • Technology Support-troubleshoot equipment; assist students in labs
  • Curriculum Support-demonstrations, presentations, clubs related to curriculum topics
  • Career Awareness-speak to students about career pathways and opportunities
  • Classroom Helper-assist the teacher in elementary classrooms
  • Clerical/Front Office/Library Support-all levels
  • Athletics – Coaching (WVSSAC certification required)