Capital High School's William Dorsey Presented with Teaching Excellence Award

Two local Kanawha County residents and their respective businesses have partnered with Kanawha County Schools to honor one KCS teacher and one KCS student each month who have excelled in and out of the classroom. The first KCS Teacher & Student of Excellence Awards were awarded last week to Mr. Dorsey, a biology teacher at Capital High School, and Elizabeth Tweel, a Capital High School student. 

To be selected, teachers and students must demonstrate excellence in: academic performance or teaching, leadership, community service, creativity and imagination, dedication, and communication. Teachers and students are nominated by teachers at and administrators at the designated school. Schools are selected at random, with one teacher and student from one Kanawha County school being recognized each month.

Earl Hardaker with Modern Woodmen of America and Dana Hardaker with Runyan & Associates Realtors launched the award recognition program as a way to recognize excellence and give back to the community.

The person nominating Mr. Dorsey said the following about him:

Mr. William Dorsey should most definitely be considered for The Modern Woodmen of American KCS Teaching Excellence Award as he exceeds all standards of criterion qualifying him for this deserved recognition.  Mr. Dorsey, a Capital HS alumni himself, is an exemplary teacher, leading students of all levels and abilities to meet his high expectations. He teaches biology, advanced biology, AP biology, and the advanced career course Energy and Power.  His ability to connect with and inspire his students is second to none. He consistently advances students to higher levels of academic achievement with his commitment to the content that he teachers along with his commitment to his students. He is very passionate about all students succeeding in his courses. Mr. Dorsey knows how to motivate students to problem-solve, collaborate, and do incredible things simulating real-world scenarios in the field of science, technology, and engineering.

In addition to his ability to demonstrate excellence in the classroom and in motivating students, Mr. Dorsey extends his classroom leadership throughout the school.  He inspires many students outside of his classes as a quiz bowl team sponsor, HSTA sponsor, and by simply providing an open door to any student in need.  As a PLC facilitator, he models innovative ways to enhance curriculum delivery for his colleagues, and leads them in professional development sessions.  Mr. Dorsey is very well-respected among his colleagues as the Faculty Senate President, providing strong leadership, order, and support as the voice for his colleagues.  Still serving others beyond the four walls of his classroom, Mr. Dorsey serves as an adjunct professor at local colleges, teaching biology at the post-secondary level.  He is also involved in various charitable organizations, always looking for ways to give back to his community, and his school, Capital High and Charleston, WV.

In terms of creativity and innovation, Mr. Dorsey leads the way yet again.  His approach to blended learning in all of his courses is phenomenal.  From using iPads in a 1:1 setting and Schoology as his learning management system for all students, much of his course is not only paperless, but accessible from anywhere at any time.  His teaching style is not just one-dimensional.  He knows how to incorporate problem-based learning, presentations, technology, and truly uses student performance data to drive his instruction.  His science labs also foster real-world scenarios and applications that make the content relevant to students.

Finally, Mr. Dorsey defines true dedication, leadership, and is an outstanding communicator.  The only time Mr. Dorsey misses school is to attend a professional development and/or training session as he is committed to lifelong learning, and the endless pursuit of perfecting his craft of teaching.  He is almost always early to work and stays late supporting students, preparing lessons, collaborating with colleagues, or simply setting up a lab for the following school day.  Mr. Dorsey epitomizes the teacher who desires for all his students to succeed.  He is constantly sharing his new ideas to do what he does better, improve student achievement, and support his colleagues in meeting success.

In closing, Mr. Dorsey deserves this honor.  He is truly an exemplary candidate demonstrating excellence in all areas of the qualifications to be given this award.  His passion and commitment to Capital HS, his community, and most importantly, his students are what every teacher should aspire to attain.  If every teacher modeled Mr. Dorsey’s level of excellence, no student would fail to meet success.  Clearly for this reason and the aforementioned reasons above, he separates himself among his peers as a truly distinguished educator. Please consider Mr. William Dorsey for this award.  He will represent your organization just he represents ours, humbly, honorably, and with a commitment to excellence.


William Dorsey Teaching Excellence Award